1. Availability

All the timings on the Gazmasta website are quoted in working days (except for Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays).


The orders are treated, prepared and sent in a limit of 7 working days maximum from the date of the reception of the products by Gazmasta when they are effectively available from the supplier regarding the products in pre-order.

In general, the orders are treated after validation of the payment. The indication “in stock” and the timing of availability are subject to variation between the date of the order and, depending on the case, the date of the validation of the payment. The delays of availability are therefore subject to modification depending on the supplier and/or the manufacturer.
In such cases, the delays of availability would be those applying at the time of the validation of the payment.

2. Delivery

Without opposite mention, the delivery is made to the address provided by the customer during the order. The risks are on your charge from the date the items ordered will leave our buildings. The delivery time are only indicative except if, exceptionally, we were engaged to respect a precise date of delivery. A compulsory delivery charge will be added to your bill.

The delivery of the orders is made by independent providers and the delays announced by these providers. The delivery could vary from 3 to 7 working days from the confirmation of shipment of your order (see the status of your order in your account) for Europe, and from 7 to 15 days for the rest of the world. It is an average time of delivery depending on the destination and the item. The excess of this delay would not give any right of cancellation of the order nor any discount in the price paid by the buyer, if the client is paid in the following 30 days so 21 working days after the confirmation of the order.

Gazmasta undertakes to do the necessary for the orders to be delivered within the 30 days following the validation of the payment
Furthermore, for the deliveries outside of France, the client undertakes to pay all the charges due to the importation of the items, customs tax, VAT, and other taxes due to the laws in the country of reception of the order. Every order made to Gazmasta are aimed at a personal usage by the client, the clients or the beneficiaries of the items are not allowed to sell partially or globally the products. Gazmasta would not be responsible for a failure to pay taxes.

In France and in the EU countries, the delivery would be made by La Poste. . The deliveries outside EU will be made by international post services.

Wherever the location of the delivery, it will be made in the client's mailbox. In absence of the customer, an delivery absence notice will be left at the delivery address. The eventual charges of new presentation would be at the client's charge.
Gazmasta will be, in any event, relieved of any obligation of delivering in case of:

  • occurrence of a imperious event such as war, riot, fire, strike, accident and impossibility of provision,
  • failure by the client of one of its liabilities (payment of the price, accuracy of the information given such as delivery address)